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Diversity SEO Link Value

Is Diversity SEO The Most Valuable Part Of Your Backlink Campaign?

One might argue that diversity links are quite probably the most important links you will build in your SEO efforts, but not for conventional reasons. These are not going jump out as your most valuable links, at least not in any obvious sense. These are not the links that are going to make the most noticeable, or even measurable, impact on your ranking. In all reality, most of these will actually be No-Follow links.

At this point, most readers will be looking at this, scratching their heads nd wondering what could possibly be so important about thee links and where am going with this? Is this the product of an AI article generator? Is this post written by a noob? Is the author intoxicated? NO! These seemingly contradictory facts are all quite accurate, and you’re about to see WHY.

If you are reading this article, odds are you are either an SEO practitioner or a website owner – either way you are quite familiar with backlinks, search engine rankings, and the incredible power of high authority do-follow contextual backlinks. You are also, in that case, quite aware of the fact that “Do-Follow” means that it the site linking to yours is passing “link juice” to your site, whereas the “rel=no-follow” tag instructs Google not to pass authority to your site.

Armed with these facts, the novice to intermediate SEO will then covet these precious “Do-Follow” links, and in fact make it a principal goal to get as close to 100% “Do-Follow” backlnks in their backlink profile as possible, ensuring that you get the maximum benefit of your link building efforts.

On the surface, that sounds quite sane and rational – brilliant strategy. There’s only one problem – Google is well aware of such impulses, and is quite vigilant of any backlink pattern that even remotely resembles this strategy – and already has an algorithmic penalty lined up, programmed and ready to immediately deploy on any instance of this sort of profile it should encounter – as this is a classic example of an unnatural backlink pattern. This is regarded as a clear indication that these links were built rather than “earned” and created to intentionally manipulate your search engine rankings. Google does not take kindly to this, unfortunately.

Therefore, in a counterintuitive manner, these “Diversity Links” that many less experienced SEO’s scoff at – these no-follow, profile backlinks, citations, mentions, social signals, and bookmarks – links that do not typically have a reputation for being particularly “powerful” become the virtual MVP of your link building strategy. In a nutshell, they save you from your own instincts.

A healthy mix of Diversity SEO in your backlink profile will make it appear significantly more “natural” and allow your “Do-Follow” links to actually provide the SEO benefits they were meant to. That being said, there is no official “ratio” for how many “Do-Follow” links vs “No-Follow” links one should have in their profile, some say mostly Do’s while other’s advocate mostly “No’s”. A good rule of thumb is to stay somewhere in the middle – between 30% / 70% and 40% / 60% either direction tends to work for me.

So next time you find yourself frustrated about a link you thought for sure was going to be a “do-follow” ultimately registering as “no-follow” – keep in mind, it may well be saving you a penalty.


Fundamentals of Adult SEO: An Ultimate Guide

Introduction to Adult SEO

Odds are, you are well aware that adult-oriented websites are in constant demand. Pornography accounts for a sizable percentage of the total search engine queries performed daily worldwide. Therefore, it is not surprising that you would have an in capitalizing on this incredibly lucrative industry, and therefore Adult SEO.

The largest adult website on the internet, PornHub – a property of Luxembourg based company Mindgeek – successfully monetized 48 Billion visits in 2019. (Yes, that’s billion with a “B”!).

Imagining the sort of profit margins such a site would generate in ad revenue alone, not even taking into consideration what they make on premium memberships, live cams, their revenue share percentage on exclusive model content profits and affiliate marketing revenue, is enough to make any money motivated marketer salivate.

So what’s the catch?

As is the case with every lucrative vertical, however, higher learning potential comes with even higher competition. Adult SEO is not for the lazy or unimaginative. There are a dozen or so industry Giants who easily dominate the SERPS (search engine ranking positions) for pretty much any related search query.

These are household names such as the likes of Pornhub, Xvideos, Xhamster, XNXX, and YouPorn, just to name a few. The champions of Adult SEO. These are multimillion-dollar companies with enormous budgets and large teams of talented (and well-paid) Adult SEO professionals dedicated specifically to furthering their domination in the search results. Unless you come into this already wealthy, clearly you are not going to have the resources to compete with the likes of these Giants in the generic “all topics included” tube space.

Furthermore, adult websites, new sites in particular, are immediately confronted with a rather menacing double edged sword:

Backlinks, particularly contextually relevant links from trusted and established authority sites are absolutely essential to rank for any term in any search engine. The amount of backlinks a site has accrued and the authority of the sites linking to them are what allows the search engine algorithm to determine what order to list results for any given search.

However, it is also commonly preached that search engines also penalize sites for linking to what are considered “bad neighborhoods” and adult sites are more often than not lumped in with that category.

Although such an attribution is usually false, as yes there are plenty of extremely spammy low quality adult sites out there that would fall into this category, most do not. The same can also be said about spam laden websites in virtually any niche. But for some reason, adult websites tend to inherit an unmerited “Scarlet letter” if you will.

What actually does matter to Google, Bing, and all other search engine algorithms is the contextual relevance of the linked sites, and quality of those specific sites. If the sites in question are following best practices, are related to one another contextually and provide unique and valuable content and a solid user experience, the reality isthe search engines could care less whether it happens to host adult content or not.

Unfortunately, the reality doesn’t change the widespread perception of adult sites leading to Google penalties and being deindexed from search engine results, which presents a formidable barrier to gaining new backlinks.

What does that mean for me?

Does that mean it is impossible to be successful in the adult website space in 2020? Absolutely not. But it takes a certain level of strategy, determination, and wise use of your time and resources. Although you can go the route that I went and learn all of this the hard way trial and error, thanks to guides such as this one that is no longer necessary. Unless of course, you are a glutton for punishment

In this series, I will be covering a wide range of topics including how to create and market your new adult website, how to use the industry Giants own data to select the most profitable niche for your new adult site. I will also shed some light onto how to leverage social channels when so many mainstream social networks such as Facebook Instagram and now Tumblr have such strict policies surrounding anything that appears to resemble adult content. Additionally, I will show you how to monetize your site, and how and where to accumulate backlinks for your adult website in an environment where most sites don’t want to link to adult oriented websites.

Moreover, I will further cover how to better optimize your content and diversify your efforts to include search engines beyond just Google.

Although the old days of easy ranking and low competition are long gone, there is still plenty to be gained from launching an adult website in 2020 and beyond – if you do it wisely. This is precisely why hundreds of new adult websites are launched every day. It also explains why webmasters such as myself who have been in the adult niche since 2015, long after it ceased to be “easy money”, are still in this niche to this day and are remaining profitable.

Check back in for my next post in this series, where I will go over:

  • How to select a profitable niche for your new adult website
  • The best methods and CMS for creating your new adult site
  • How and where to source the content legally
SEO Social

Social Signals & Search Rankings: Facts and Evidence

Seo Socially Header

Social Signals & Search Rankings: Facts and Evidence

It’s no secret that Google has been using social signals as a ranking factor. This has been common knowledge in the SEO and Web Master community since at least since 2008. 

Shares, likes, comments – actual site visitors actively engaging in discussion. Expressing, as humans tend to do, their approval or DIS-approval of a particular site, by means of commenting, “liking”, sharing, re-tweeting, upvoting and downvoting – their various reactions (or lack thereof) speak for themselves as to how impactful a brand or piece of content is to them at that time. 

It only stands to reason that search engines would place considerable value on that data about the page in question as a measure of the quality of the content contained therein. 

The impact that makes on it’s readers, is far beyond what a simple link from a fellow site owner ever could. It is, in theory, an unequivocally candid sort of “double-blind test” of how that content performs in the wild.

This even more in recent years in the wake of a blackhat epidemic. The internet is Rife with obvious attempts to game the SERPs. 

PBN’s, link schemes, and paid links that litter the web in order to attempt to leech off of the authority of other sites to get ahead by manipulating Google’s ranking algorithms. 

The big “G” is well aware of these facts and, as a result, is even more aware of the importance and value of authentic and genuine data.

Quietly, subtly, social signals have become arguably one of the MOST powerful SEO Ranking metrics in 2020, and their influence is only getting stronger. They are the most authentic reactions Gauge what does or does not effectively capture the attention of Any Given target audience – and filtering out The false positives takes almost no effort.

Still skeptical? Take a look at what happens when we type “Verizon” (without the quotes) into our Google Search Bar…

Google Search Result July 04, 2019 at 11:15am PST

Search Link Here

As you can see, the 2nd, 5th and 6th organic search results (3 of the topb6) are Twitter mentions of @Verizon within the past 24-48 hour. Now mind you (I must re-emphasize this point) – That hese links were indexed and made it to the top of the search results for a highly competitive keyword such as “Verizon” within 24-48 hours – and two more top 10 results positions go to YouTube reviews.

That is 8 out of 10 organic results from the US for this high traffic, highly competitive keyword  consisted of – Social Signals!

One look at that search result serve as strong evidence to practically any blogger, e-commerce business owner or website owner who has worked diligently for months to optimize our on site and off-site SEO to ensure that much less competitive keywords rank.

This is by no means an isolated incident. Here is yet another screenshot of a search query for a brand that is considered a “household name” here in the US, with curiously similar results.

Let’s take a quick gander at what Google tells us about “Wells Fargo”?

Search results Link Here

Once again, we see Twitter taking the 2nd organic search result – the most recent Tweet  already ranking in search being Tweeted a mere 4 HOURS EARLIER

Facebook takes spot number 6 in the organic search… The evidence certainly appears to be mounting, doesn’t it?

To recap, in both of these instances, out of the top 6 organic search results for the very highly competitive brand name SEO keywords “Verizon” and “Wells Fargo” – 50% and 33% (respectively) were Social Signals!

Let’s pretend that somehow this little experiment was a fluke – twice in a row… Or perhaps attempt to weed out any possibility of bias in the outcome of this experiment… 

To do so, I will now feed Google the names of 5 companies at random. Some of them smaller, and some of them conglomerates, much like the previous two examples.

Let’s see what this yields us:

I started with the very well-known Art and Craft’s chain Michael’s. 

Let’s Review the results:

Michaels Google Results July 4 2019

If you look at organic results, numbers 2, 3, 4 & 5 are once again occupied by the likes of Twitter, Yelp, then Yelp again, and Facebook (respectively). So far, this theory is three for three.

On to the next:

Johnny Rocket’s – an old-fashioned style chain burger restaurant that operates as a faux 1950’s Diner, quite popular in malls across the US. They operate in 49 out of the 50 US States and multiple foreign countries as well – typically in or adjacent to shopping malls. Let’s see what we found:


Once again, Twitter managed to snag the #2 Organic Spot, and Facebook took number 7. 

Bear in mind, this is outranking the various in-depth reviews and current promotions that are covered at length on a number of other sites that can’t get near the audience reach of that one tweet they made.

Now up to this point, all of the companies I have chosen to include have been of the type that deals directly with the consumer. 

One might argue that it would only stand to reason that a consumer-facing business would be the only likely business model that this would apply to. After all, Consumers are who you will find on Social Media the most anyway, Right?

Well, we’ll see… Next, I have chosen to include RingCentral in this experiment. RingCentral is a multi-line, business VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone service. It has an auto-attendant, multiple extensions, hold music, voice mail, efax and video conferencing software. 

In other words, it is a company that does not sell products or services that would cater to an end consumer. You have most likely been exposed to their services many times and never knew it.

I’m sure you can recall a time or two when you’ve been delivered a pleasant recorded greeting when you call a business, that then provided you touch tone options to be transferred to the correct department, and then proceeded to play some lovely hold music for you while you waited.😜

Ring Central Google Search

Surprise!!!  In the organic results hierarchy, Twitter scored #2 (Again) and Youtube snagged result #3. So much for it only applying to the end consumer!

So Next, we’re going to check up on one of America’s favorite candy bars. We are a culture of excess, so it’s no shocker that we love a candy bar that’s packaged as two candy bars – Twix.


Well, at the risk of sounding like a broken record – again, we have Twitter taking the #2 organic search result, and Facebook and Instagram claiming results number 5 and 6, respectively. 

Who knew a candy bar that’s not it’s own brand – but a product of Mars, inc. could have so much to say?

So far, including the original two examples, we are 6 for 6 in this experiment, but since I’ve already done the final search, we might as well finish this 7 for 7 sweep with Wetzel’s Pretzels:

wetzels-pretzels-google search

Well, it seems this time Yelp managed to snag the number 2 spot, and Facebook and Twitter claimed positions number 5 and 6 respectively.

Now, we have just witnessed an example of the direct effect social media engagements have on search engine rankings – and much more importantly  – exposure. The specific brands we have just performed this test on are fairly sizeable companies, with a long history of very powerful press releases, recent media events and countless backlinks from the highest quality sources.

We are talking about multinational, multi-billion dollar organizations. And I’m not squarely referring to Wells Fargo and Verizon either. 

Johnny Rockets currently operates 320 restaurant locations and recently celebrated achieving operations in 30 countries in 30 years.

Michael’s operates over 1250 Stores and reportedly rakes in approximately 5.4B per year in sales

RingCentral, The company you’ve probably never heard of, has been a leader in business phone services for over 3 years now, providing multi-line high quality VOIP services to over 500,000 businesses worldwide!

Wetzel’s Pretzels boasts 305 locations and growing – with an average annual net revenue in the hundreds of millions!

Suffice to say, there is one clear lesson to be learned from this: 

Keep up your social engagement! 

By that, I don’t just mean get a bunch of useless followers. That looks nice and all, but it does nothing to boost your metrics. 

Ultimately, what you want to encourage and cultivate is an ENGAGED AUDIENCE. Bonafide likes, comments, shares, and contextually relevant mentions. Some upvotes and retweets. Positive interaction, interest and sentiment towards your brand.

That is what will make all of your other SEO methods finally pay dividends.