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We provide SEO Services for site owners in all niches, and at almost any budget level. Our service offerings span a broad spectrum of unique and powerful offerings, both one-off and recurring.

EDU Gov Links Services

Help you rank with powerful Edu & Gov backlinks

It is no secret that Google, and especially Bing, place a huge level of importance on backlinks from websites with trusted .Edu and .Gov domain extensions.

It is easy to see why. After all, edu is the TLD of all major universities and colleges, of course they would be seen as an authoritative source. Similarly, gov is specifically held by government agencies and therefore facts reported by them are widely considered to be reliable.


In the Edu and Gov backlinks services, you will receive trusted high quality backlinks from edu and govt websites with high DA and PA, each of the services having unique articles Tailored to your niche, and of course I link to your site from that page.

Additionally, with all services you will also have the benefit of having your URLs ran through two professional link indexing services, some of the only ones that still work in 2020, and depending on your package you will also receive massive high quality social Bookmarks and other supportive links Learn more

Servoce to Climb to the top of the serps services rank higher

Unique Package To Rank Higher In SERPs

Work smarter not harder!

This bundle of services is a new approach to SEO that unifies targeted evegreen traffic generation, Diversity link building, Authority Link Building, Brand and Audience Building As One.

This this gig includes:

Web 2.0 Properties – NOT your typical bot-generated empty Web 2.0s- complete useful attractive properties that you will be proud to claim as your own and will inspire click throughs to your money site That is what the other provider’s services offer.

Guest Posts DA 80 + – these are HQ handwritten unique articles with internal links to your site, on high DA blogs with low to 0 spam scores that will certainly give you the upper hand.

Niche specific and alternative social networking services – My Specificalty! Ever since the mass Exodus from Tumblr over a year ago, I have made a point to extensively test alternative. After testing  50+ I now have a shortlist of around 20 in various niches that are a veritable gold mine in their niches. I will create a complete branded profile, populate it with photos, posts, and make a few friends/connections

Check it out!

Bonus: Almost ALL of these networks provide “Do-follow” Backlinks! For more insight, see this article