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What Is SeoTaskFairy and Social SEO?

Social SEO provides Google-safe white hat SEO services and techniques. We use a holistic approach to SEO with an emphesis on social networking and social media. This approach has consistently delivered uniquely powerful search engine ranking benefits.

How are you any different from the next SEO Agency/Blog?

This is not your average SEO blog. There will be no gratuitous regurgitation of the same (debatable) trending advice. Nothing will be mindlessly parroted from one of Google’s mouthpieces on Reddit or Twitter unless backed by a case study. There are entirely too many of those copycat SEO advice blogs. Why waste my time rehashing the SEO “flavor of the week” advice that is likely pure malarkey? And why waste your time reading the same B.S. again hoping for a new nugget of information?

Each post within this blog will include fresh, effective and actionable information that is actually unique! These are things that will improve your site’s performance in a very real way. More importantly, these are techniques and resources your competition is most likely not using yet. These are powerful tactics that can easily help you sail past them in the SERPs.


What Verticals/Niches Do You Accept?

Setting us even further apart from your average SEO Agency and blog is our attitude towards certain historically difficult niches. There is a plethora of REALLY bad informaion circulating the web about link building, penalties, and disavow. This false rumor has been wreaking havoc on certain already difficult and competitive niches over the last few years. When I think of falsehoods circulating the SEO circuit, I usuall first think of this specific example. The false assertion that “Adult” websites (porn) is automatically considered “spam”. Furthermore, that any link association with such a site is automatically negative and damaging to your site’s ranking.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that those statements are absolutely, positively, unequivocably FALSE. Nobody from Google ever said anything remotely similar. Granted there are myriad spammy and malicious porn websites that exist and cause significant damage. The same malware, spam and phishing sites also exist in virtually every vertical and niche you cna possibly think of! Moreover, countless case studies – and statements from top Googlers such as John Mueller and Matt Cutts say otherwise. Instead, all credible sources support one key factual statement. That Google does not automatically classify “pornography” as “spam” or “shady” or a “bad neighborhood”. Provided, of course, there is relevance on either a site or page level to justify the existence of the link.

This is true, however, of any type of link you can acquire, not just porn.

That said, we proudly provide services for all niches. Additionally, you can rest assured that the techniques outined in this blog will work on any vertical, including:

  • Adult (Pornography) Sites
  • Locksmiths
  • Dentists
  • Tree care services
  • Online Education
  • Finance related
  • Technical support
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Weight Loss / Dieting
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Plumbers
  • “Rank and Rent” Sites
  • Gaming / Video Contnent
  • ANY OTHER TYPE OF SITE! If it’s not illegal and is not rife with malvetizing, phishing or an outright scam, or anything illegal to display.

So welcome to Social SEO! Moreover, welcome to your new source of SEO information. Information that is backed with a solid foundation in fact based on experience. This is made possible by a blogger and SEO Practitioner who does not mindlessly parrot the trending advice. As a result, this is also your new veritable “goldmine” of juicy and effective SEO techniques that work. These are truly fresh, powerful and yet still not so widely used.


Feel Free to Hire Me. Also, feel free to check out some interesting information about diversity links. This gives you info as to why your “no-follow” backlnks might actually be more valuable than your “do-follow” links. This clearly defies conventional wisdom might imply.